The Story So Far

Printed out novel so far because need to see it physically & make notes. Surprised it filled a regular binder!


Been a while since I updated due to more teething from the Toddler and the school holidays preventing me from thinking! So I thought I’d take this opportunity to see where I’m at as it’s heading towards the end of April and I told myself last year I would have a completed first draft by the end of June this year!

First of all, hahahaha at that! It’s not out of the realms of possibility really, but this is my first novel and despite knowing how difficult it could be I didn’t really appreciate how difficult it would be! So what I did last week was print out the 40,000 words I have of my first draft (pictured!) and look at what works and have a better plan for the next version, of which I am 15,000 words in. It’s necessary, given that the start of that has the mum in Australia and the sister has a 12 year old son which morphs into a 15 year old daughter part way through. Then in draft 2, the aunt ends up getting sidelined because I moved the main character to a hotel, this was unexpected, so I need to go back to the original there already. Anyway, it’s a bit of a mess in some regards, but I’m very happy with how lots of it is going! My new deadline is September for the Mslexia Women’s Novel competition. So, backside into gear and all that!

I did think I could edit quickly during Camp Nanowrimo, after deciding not to be distracted by a fun horror short novel, but at this point, a focus on word count and daily word count is counterproductive. It used to motivate me, but I don’t need an external motivator and sometimes work is slow because it’s harder and takes more work, or because I need to take longer in a scene, teasing out what it really means. Obviously, sometimes the words just flow and I write loads! But I have ended up making myself feel crappy for “only” writing 400 words when actually, so much more has gone on and gone into it.

As for the Christmas horror stories project. Having had a lot of fun and exercising my creative muscles thinking up and plotting 24 stories and writing one of them, half of another and one poem I came to the conclusion that not all the stories fire me up to write them, some I really really like and are closer to my mainstream work so I will have to see what I do with those, and about 4 are fun monster stories which I will probably tackle next. The poem is a fun monster poem too, if a little dark. Apparently for genre writing that’s what I like! But as I need to focus on the mainstream at the moment they’re off to one side. But it was a great writing exercise!


2 responses to “The Story So Far

  1. Love this post! And ditto on the “school holidays preventing me from thinking!” part.

    I love John Truby’s philosophy. He says ideas are the easy part and the challenge is finding the ones with the potential to make it to a full-grown project. I’ve learned that time spent thinking and teasing out meanings and planning pays off in the long run, because more words are “keepers.”

    I’m in the planning stages right now. Would love to get more words on paper but I know that this particular project needs good pre-planning or I will end up cutting more. I’d rather do more planning so I know that what I write has a better chance of staying :-P. I think writing with kids at home, you want the time you *do* get to write, to count.

    But I still want that sidelined fun horror project written someday! I love that one.

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