Inspiration From Real Life


So today we popped out to one of the local nature parks and saw this in the education centre. Surprising for February, but perfect for me!

I have less than a handful of Christmas horror stories to plan out and, after a recent episode of Supernatural, I had this niggling idea about secret societies and something about conspiracy theories. And then this landed right in my lap! It gave me a wonderful idea, and then on our family walk round the nature park I brainstormed with The American and thus another story idea was born!

I am so close to the end of the idea stage for this anthology now!

Oh, and obviously I played around with the photo so it looked like it felt to me. Bright, fresh on a militaristic looking background.

2 responses to “Inspiration From Real Life

  1. Have I never mentioned it before?!? I thought I had! I would say so. First season has a lot of urban legends in it then expands and it’s great and the relationship between the brothers is great and in later seasons there’s one off funny episodes and I think it’s ACE!!

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